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About Us

FlashCross is a game that takes place in the real world and is a photo quest. Participants must visit as many locations marked on the map and complete tasks to earn points within a certain time.


Movement between locations can occur in any order. Location numbers are provided for reference. Visiting a location is automatically recorded.

At locations, various types of tasks may be present, including:

Automatic photo tasks

Automatic photo tasks (icon "filled camera"). You need to find a specific image or object at the location, point your smartphone camera at it, and if everything is correct, the task is automatically counted.

Manual photo tasks

Manual photo tasks (icon "transparent camera"). Follow the instructions and complete the photo task, which is immediately sent to the game author for validation, meaning the author will check your completed task and decide whether to accept it or not.

Text tasks

Text tasks (icon "three stripes"). These are tasks that include a text field for the answer. Follow the instructions and pay attention to the response format.

Tasks on location

Some tasks can only be seen and completed at a specific location.

Often in this game, a factor is applied. The fewer of your competitors complete this photo task, the more points you will receive.

How to Participate?


First, you need to register on the website.


Then, look at the list of games. Choose a game to your liking. Read the Regulations, which are the rules for that specific game. Games can be individual or team-based, paid or free, long or short.

The list of games

If the game is team-based, you can create a team and invite friends. If the game is paid, don't forget to pay.

Google Play

Wait for the change in the game status to "INSTALL THE APP, DOWNLOAD THE GAME, AND WAIT FOR THE START," when the author has fully prepared the game. Then install the game app.

App login

Download the game. Read the Regulations again if you wish.

The list of games in the app

Then come to the specified start time.

Pin code

If the author has provided a game PIN code, it will be announced after the start, and you will need to enter it to start the game.

If the game is team-based, it is sufficient for only one team member to complete a specific task.

Division within the team is at the discretion of the author. Study the Regulations carefully and find out if division is possible in a particular game.

Finish time

Pay attention to the end time of the game. The game for your team can end in two cases: the game time has expired or all tasks at the finish location have been completed.

Since the game takes place in the real world, don't forget the safety rules.

Enjoy the game, but remember, it's just a GAME.

FlashCross - Let's create emotions together!