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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers?

1. General Questions?

1.1. What is FlashCross? The name sounds nice, but I don't understand anything?

FlashCross is a game in real locations, in the real world, where you need to visit as many locations as possible within a set time, as indicated on the map, and complete as many different photo tasks at these locations, earning points. You can play on foot, on bicycles, in cars, or even on skis, rollerblades, and sleds, as the game author envisions.

1.2. Is FlashCross like Pokémon and Ingress? What makes your game more interesting?

FlashCross is similar to those giants in only one aspect - it's an active pastime. It's time to get off the couch and stop endlessly scrolling through social media. Get up, move, and play! Everything else is different - check the photo tasks, find them at the locations, and try to complete them.

1.3. Where can I see game announcements?

It's easy. Just click on "Games" in the top menu. Choose the country and city you're interested in. If you select "My Games," you'll see only the games you plan to participate in.

1.4. Where can I see game results?

One click on "Archive" in the top menu. Choose the country and city you want. If you select "My Games," you'll see only the games you've already participated in.

1.5. Why are games only available on Android smartphones for now?

This is a frequently asked and important question. To our beloved iPhone owners, we are constantly working on improving the game app. The Android platform is more diverse in terms of smartphone models, so it's more demanding in terms of using different cameras, batteries, GPS functions, and internet connectivity. Considering this, we chose the Android platform for the initial testing and combat version. We are currently in talks with iOS developers and will start development soon. Organizers already have iPhones for testing. We will get you playing on iPhones too, just a bit more patience.

1.6. I want to create a game. What do I need for that?

Having the desire to create something is wonderful! Currently, the author's cabinet is under development. But right now, you can create and organize games yourself. Don't believe it? Give it a try; it's exciting and super simple. To do this, reach out to the organizers, and we will help you create a game and appoint you or your friends as authors. Using the mobile app for authors, "FC Author," you can easily create various games. At the moment, paid games can only be organized within the territory of Ukraine (sorry, legal and legislative constraints). Free games can be organized after discussing them with the organizers. We don't just think about money. We understand the need for free games (charity, children's homes, promotions, large city events, and more). We have organized such games ourselves and will continue to do so. We are approachable, so don't hesitate to contact us; we'll figure it out together.

1.7. I want to organize a game for friends, and I also want to organize a game for a corporate event. How can I do that?

Certainly. We plan to implement this format soon. These will be closed games that you can buy, create games (using the special mobile app for authors, "FC Author"), and organize them yourself. Joining such games will be instant - "scan the QR code from the organizer, download the game, enter your nickname, and play." Do you still want to create such a game right now? Contact us, and we'll come up with something. For us, "impossible" or "can't" don't exist.

1.8. I have something to tell you. I have feedback or suggestions. Where should I write to you?

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and there you go. We always listen to the thoughts of participants. After all, we created our project, FlashCross, not just for ourselves but primarily for you, our dear players and authors. If you find a bug, a typo, or have any suggestions about the player or author app or the website, please write to us quickly. This is the most valuable information for us. Waves of gratitude are already coming your way.

1.9. What happened to the statistics from the old FlashCross (, which was collected for 15 years, and now it's gone?

Do not panic! We plan to implement a mechanism to import statistics from the old website (promise made in October 2021) for reporting purposes.

1.10. Is FlashCross only for Kharkiv? When are you coming to my city?

The world conquest plan is almost ready, with just the final details to iron out. We will definitely let you know when and how it's happening. Seriously, we are looking for regional organizers. We can't keep track of all games ourselves; we need someone to take the helm in different regions. The offer will be attractive, with perks. Feel free to reach out.

1.11. Why is it so expensive (cheap)? Why isn't there a fee for players to participate?

We need revenue for the project's development. Yes, we are somewhat mercenary. Our goal is to make sure everyone benefits - players, authors, and the FlashCross project.

1.12. It used to be cozy and warm, and now it's become impersonal and digital?

That's because of digitalization, going paperless, moving online, IT technology, and other trendy words. In reality, the labor intensity of creating games "the old way" was overwhelming, while creating games "the new way" is several times faster. This means there's hope for even more wonderful people to join the FlashCross Authors' team.

1.13. Who are the Authors?

In the project, there are three roles:

  1. Organizers (orgs), who are also the founders and the FlashCross team.
  2. Authors - the people who create specific games, they are the authors of those games.
  3. Players - the people who play the games created by Authors with the help of Organizers.

One and the same person can be a Player and an Author (and even an org, yes, this rare phenomenon does occur in nature, but it's very rare). Authors can earn money (if the game is paid), and the more players participate, the more Authors earn.

1.14. Who are the Orgs?

The organizers of the FlashCross project, the list changes over time and deserves a separate page "FlashCross History," by the way, did you know that FlashCross is also in Wikipedia

1.15. I'm afraid the organizers will run out of creativity?

Don't worry! We have tasks and treats planned for a year or two in advance. For example, plans include:

  1. Various formats:

    • "Long" - a long-format game that lasts for several days, weeks, or months.
    • "SnapShot" - a photo game with creative photo tasks and referee evaluation.
    • "Race" - pure sports "arrive, check-in, move on."
  2. Interesting game features:

    • A list of bonuses for bonus points that can be used in the game (screenshot of team locations in the game, "purchase" of the execution of any tasks, opening special closed tasks, extending the game time, etc.).
    • Time limits for task execution.
    • Augmented reality (AR), virtual objects of photo tasks in real locations.
  3. And much more... (stay tuned)

2.1. I've never played, it's probably very difficult, I won't be able to, I'm scared, everything is lost, aaaa?

No, not at all. Nothing is lost; literally anyone can participate with minimal knowledge of the game. Such cases have already occurred :) Seriously, it is in our interest to make it interesting for everyone, both for "beginners" and "veterans." Keep calm and play FlashCross. (If you have any questions, contact the authors).

2.2. Do both team members have to complete the same tasks at a location?

Absolutely not. It is sufficient for one of the team members to complete the photo task. Currently, any number of photo tasks can be completed. But please note that if the photo task requires validation by the author, spare a thought for them. They will have a lot of work to do. If you and your team members have constant internet access during the game, synchronization will occur immediately. You will see the completed tasks within the team.

2.3. What does "Finish Location" mean?

The finish location is the last location in the game, and after all tasks at that location are completed, the team automatically finishes the game. Visiting the finish location is not mandatory but can earn you additional points.

2.4. What types of tasks are there in the games?

See, it's not difficult at all. It may seem like a lot of text, but we'll explain everything. It will be intuitively understandable in the app. All tasks must be searched within the specified search radius (Location screen, "Search Radius (m)" field). So:

  1. "Visit" task. This task is invisible and is automatically completed when you visit the location. Information about the number of points earned for the visit will appear in the lower right corner of the location photo. However, in some games, the authors can be strict and not award points for visiting the location.
  2. Automatic photo task (filled camera icon). This is the highlight. We worked on this feature for a long time. Imagine, image analysis takes place directly in your smartphone. How do you like that, Elon Musk? You need to open the screen of the corresponding photo task, find the required image or object on the location, point your smartphone's camera at it, and if everything is correct, the task is automatically credited. However, there are cases where the automatic task is not credited correctly. We are not all-powerful, and the world of images, shadows, sun, and other factors is so diverse that such situations can occur. In this case, there is a countdown timer at the bottom of the camera. Wait for it to expire, and you can complete the photo task manually. It is immediately sent to the game's author for validation if your smartphone has a mobile internet connection. Then, the game's author will check your completed task and decide whether to accept it or not. You will only find out if the author has accepted this photo task after the game is over. During the game, such information is not accessible to the players. If necessary, there is a "flashlight," "selfie," and "zoom" function in the camera.
  3. Manual photo task (transparent camera icon). Read the instructions, use your imagination and the creativity of the game author, and complete the photo task, which is immediately sent for validation if your smartphone has a mobile internet connection.
  4. Text task (three stripes icon). This is a task with a text field for the answer. Read the task instructions and the answer format.
  5. At the discretion of the game author, some tasks can only be seen and completed while you are at the location. A cool game feature, right? Such tasks are marked "To be completed by visiting the location."

2.5. What does "Search Radius (m)" mean? Are we rescuers?

On the location screen, you will see a photo of the location. This is a noticeable object that can be easily visually recognized and indicates the correct location. The photo location's shooting point is the location center. Within the specified radius in meters, you need to find and complete the photo task.

2.6. What do the numbers next to the locations mean?

The location screen is a map with location markers and a list of locations. The number on the marker is the location number. It is only used to visually identify the correct location. You can move between locations in any order. The location map shows how many tasks your team has completed and how many tasks are in total. It also shows the total number of base points at that location. How the points are awarded exactly, you will find out in the next question.

2.7. What is a "game with a coefficient"?

Don't be scared. It's just a way to calculate final scores. At the discretion of the game author, team points can be awarded either in the regular way (e.g., simply "+10 points" for completing a task) or with a coefficient. The fewer your opponents complete a particular photo task, the more points you will earn.

For example, in a game, there is a photo task with a base score of "15." If only your team completes this photo task, and no one else does, a coefficient of 10 will apply, which means you'll earn 150 points for your team's score. If more than half of the teams complete this task, each team will receive 15 points (coefficient 1). The coefficient follows an exponential curve (do you remember your math?). In other words, the main thing to understand is that rarer completed photo tasks yield more points, and the rest is calculated automatically.

2.8. Can I play without internet access?

No problem, but you need to download the game in the player's app in advance when the game is available for download (for example, you can do this at home before the game). You might be wondering, "How will I play without a map?" We've got that covered too. If the game author enables the "offline map" feature, it will be downloaded with the game. You can play without an active internet connection, but after finishing, you will need to connect to the internet by any convenient means (Wi-Fi or mobile data) to synchronize all data (completed tasks). Players can decide whether to enable or disable mobile data during the game. However, with the internet turned off, some tasty features are restricted:

  • Real-time feedback on completed tasks within the team during the game.
  • Tasks completed by teams that require author validation are sent for analysis directly during the game.

2.9. Can I play with a single smartphone in the team?

Yes, you can! It might not be as efficient, but it's possible.

3. Registration Questions for the Game?

3.1. Can you play alone?

Have you had enough of those "leather bastards"? If the author has provided for such an option, pay attention to the minimum number of players in the game profile. This condition must be met!

3.2. Can children play?

Currently, there is an age restriction of 13 years and older. This is due to the conditions of the Google Play platform. However, we are working to allow children under 13 to play with the permission of a parent.

3.3. How to pay for the game? Will Bitcoins be accepted soon?

Create a team if it's a team game. Invite friends to your team. Assemble the minimum number of players. After that, the "Pay" button will appear in the game profile. In Ukraine, we work with a reliable payment system called LiqPay, which offers many payment options. But if you have extra Bitcoins, we are ready to accept them, which would greatly contribute to the project's development :)

3.4. What is a team invitation?

Using a team invitation (code or link), any player can join a team. If you don't want to see "strange" unknown individuals in your team, you shouldn't share it in public places.

3.5. What is a personal invitation?

An invitation allows a specific invited player to join the team. Such an invitation is valid for 24 hours.

3.6. Who has the right to remove players from the team?

A player can remove themselves from the team, and the team owner (the player who created the team) can remove any players.

3.7. Who can add players to the team?

The team owner can invite other players to the team.

3.8. Who can pay the initial fee?

Any player can pay the team's initial fee.

3.9. Can a team be excluded from the game?

Yes, a team can be excluded if:

  1. The minimum number of players is not met.
  2. Payment is not made.
  3. Game organizers (authors or organizers) do not allow the team for any reason (e.g., due to rule violations).

3.10. In what cases is the initial fee refunded?

The initial fee is refunded in several cases:

  1. The team is not admitted to the game.
  2. The team is deleted.
  3. The game does not take place.

3.11. Within what timeframe is the refund processed?

A maximum of 30 days from the payment date.

3.12. Account Deletion?

To delete your account and associated data, please send a request to the email, specifying your username.